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On Sunday, April 14th 2019, International Student Council lead by the International Food Fair Committee organized the annual International Food Fair 2019. The event started from 11.30am until 2.30pm, and a plethora of foods from different organizations was sold during the event.

The actual party started from 7am, where the participants of the International Food Fair started cooking their own foods and making drinks, and the committes that were involved had so much fun, even though they had to wake up early for the event!

In the hall itself, the members of the International Student Council worked together to help set up the booth and the event itself!

When the event started, a lot of attendees came to the event and everyone had so much fun enjoying foods and drinks from multiple countries!

Everyone had a lot of fun on the day, and in the end, it was all the effort of everyone who is involved in the event. Thank you to all participating GA members, International Food Fair Committee and everyone who organized, volunteered and attended the event! This event would not be succesful without the help of everyone who were involved in making this event a success.

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