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The Humanitarian Awareness Committee of International Student Council is hosting an event called Changing Perceptions this spring semester on Friday, March 3rd (2017) from 4:45 to 7pm, in Pearson 1106.  This event is open to Students and Non-students alike!


Changing Perceptions is an event that will contain a series of activities challenging your perception regarding disabilities worldwide.  Our mission is to change perceptions towards disabilities by challenging you to a series of activities in this eye-opening event.


Changing Perceptions is an interactive event in which teams of participants compete to complete a “Big Mission”. In order to obtain the hints that are the key to completing the “Big Mission”, each team will complete five activities, each focused on changing our perception on a certain disability. Our aim is to not only make the event informative, but also engaging to the participants as we learn more about the strengths of differently able people across the world!


Click HERE to download the pre-registration form for this event!


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Email us at: isc@iastate.edu

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