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The conference commences at 6 pm, March 13th and concludes at 1 pm, March 15th. Activities include:

  • Professional Presentations
  • Cultural Fair
  • Educational Workshops
  • Discussion Forums
  • Cultural Show

Registration costs is $85 per person

Registration cost will include:

  • Hotel for 2 nights
  • Meals covered during the conference
  • Conference package
  • Conference T-shirt

Payment via check can be addressed to Iowa State University (kindly include “AISO Conference” in the memo line)

To advisors: Advisor(s) will pay for the registration fee, but will have to make their own hotel reservation(s). Contact us for more details.

Follow this link to register REGISTER 

Registration deadline is on the 25th of February 2015

AISO 2015 Committees

AISO Chair

Fang Hao Lim

AISO Coordinator

Celine Maika Robles

AISO Coordinator

Allen Erika Robles

AISO Coordinator

Lindsey Wagener

AISO Coordinator

Benjamin Faiz

AISO Coordinator

Nurul Hannah Ahmad Ridzuan

Do you have any question ?

Email us at: isc@iastate.edu

Contact email: