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Posted on 27th Feb 2019 20:27 PM by Imran Maszeri


World Soccer Tournament 2019

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What is International Student Council?


We reach out to all domestic and international students to give Iowa State University a diversified community.


We collaborate with multitude of student, university organization and department that has unilateral goal and mission.


We celebrate the diversity in Iowa State University by organizing events and fundraising events.

The objective of the International Student Council is to serve as a platform that ensures and enhances communication and cooperation between the International Community, the ISU community, and the Ames community. To achieve this objective, ISC sponsors coordinated events that showcase the cultures and lifestyles of the International Community, attempts to educate the ISU community and create awareness about humanitarian issues around the world, provides opportunity for exchange of ideas among constituents and represent constituents before the administration of Iowa State University and the City of Ames. ISC also advises its constituents in matters concerning them as members of the ISU community, provide educational and social services to its constituents and collaborate with the ISSO for special programs and/or events. Most importantly, this is to celebrate the diversity that the world has been blessed with.

Join us. Here is why you should

  • I have met some really different people, from different area who have just really affected my values and work ethics.
    Watch Rose's full interview below:
  • You get a great chance to meet wonderful people and better understanding from all of these people who are having different backgrounds and culture.
    Watch Steve's full interview below:
  • It will be an unforgettable experience for you in Iowa State University
    Watch Marsilia's full interview below:
  • ISC is a good place to practice your leadership skill.
    Watch Ryan's full interview below:

Contact us

Do you have any question ?

Email us at: isc_exec@iastate.edu

Contact email:




Office Space A
West Student Office Space
Memorial Union
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50014

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President's Email: